Get mentored by top people in finance that genuinely enjoy helping

Get advice from the people who have done it and shaped the finance industry working at companies such as:

"If you're early in your career and they give you a choice between a great mentor or higher pay, take the mentor every time"

Stanley Druckenmiller


The new school for finance and investing.

We believe the best finance education you can get is from those within the sector who understand the practical realities of the global marketplace. We are the lower-commitment, skills based alternative to industry accreditation bodies and MBA programs. The era of high barriers to entry and financial elitism are over.We believe that financial knowledge should be decentralised and available to all.
Standardised Study Materials
Factory Model
Cost of up to 8000 USD
3 Exams & over 900 Hours Study
World Class Network of Mentors
Bespoke 1:1 Skills Based Education
Transparent affordable pricing
As long and as much as you need
World Class Educators
Factory model
Tuition & fees $200k
2-year MBA program commitment

Solutions tailored to your goals

Utilise our Mentors different products to achieve the result that is right for you.

Gone are the days of trawling through Google and books for answers. Via 1-1 interactions, our mentors are able to tailor their advice and support to the exact challenge you are facing.


Find the perfect mentor for your specific situation in just a few clicks

Whether your goal is to progress in your finance career, learn how to invest your own capital, or just to learn about the skills and trends that matter, you'll be able to find the right mentor for the job.

1 on 1 Calls & Mentoring

Taking out "luck" as a factor

Have a specific question in mind or looking for regular mentoring around your schedule? We start with the premise that there is no such thing as a stupid question and operate on the principle that our mentors offer practical, rather than theoretical, solutions to hurdles at whatever level you are in your finance journey.

One-off calls for insights on your most pressing issues or building knowledge step-by-step having a mentor got your back.
Get all the guidance and skills you need to achieve your goals.
Discover different life and career trajectories by people who have done it.
Take advantage of opportunities that people inside the industry are seeing.
...and more to come.

The Academy (coming soon)

Bundled experience tailored to your context

Recognising that every individual has different needs, we designed a bespoke experience, allowing you to find comprehensive answers and education for a world of informational abundance.

Video content built on life experience: Access the most valuable knowledge in the world (usually trapped in people's heads).
Learning in Cohorts: Leverage social interaction, meet new peers and help each with people from around the world.
Accountability: Keeping yourself accountable is great - having other people holding you accountable is exponential.
...and so much more.
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